Wednesday, 20 July 2011

First tutorial :)

"The Blonde One" here...  
 Sooooo, I have a stash of old nail art images and am going to share them. Here goes with the first one.......  


Hope you like them, and here is how to do them (as best as I can explain them) :)

  1. Paint a base coat to protect your natural nails.
  2. Paint your whole nail in a chosen colour, I chose pink :)
  3. Paint a curved half section of your nail in another colour, mine was orangey.
  4. Follow along the line with a thin striper brush in black, and at the base of the line nearest your knuckle, paint three flicks kind of upwards.
  5. Go along this line again next to the black with another colour - glitter looks better and as you can see I chose blue. You can do this with a striper or carefully use the normal nail polish brush, I did.
  6. Finally with a dotting tool, cocktail stick or end of a bobbypin, apply five or so black dots behind the glitter line, and four or so black dots from the top from the top of the line outwards. Look at the picture for help :)
  7. Lastly, apply white dots with the same tool you just used for the black, and create semi-circles from the edge if your nail inwards on both colour halves of your nail. Do the dots on the side of the flicks higher.
  8. Apply a thick layer of topcoat, paying attention to the tips of your nails!

  That was much harder to explain than I first thought! How did I do??? If you were completely stuck try follow from the picture and good luck! x

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