Monday, 25 July 2011

Poker face card nails

It's 'the curly one' this time.. Emma :D
Right first of all apologies for the mess around the edge of my nails I forgot to clean up haha.
Steps for perfect casino nails:
1. Paint each finger nail with a clear base coat (prevents any staining on the nail)
2. Paint each finger nail with two coats of white nail polish (I used Barry M)
3. Leave to dry for 15 mins
4. Using a red striper brush, outline a diamond shape on your thumb
5. Once satisfied, carefully fill in the shape
6. Continuing with the red striper, on the second finger outline a heart shape on the second finger
7. Carefully fill in the heart
8. Again, using the red striper, outline the shape of a club on your pinky finger
9. Neatly fill in
10. Using the black striper, outline the shape of a spade on the first finger and fill in neatly
11. On the third finger, outline the shape of a diamond again in black and fill in carefully
12. Once all the nails are dry, it's gem time!
13. Using a cocktail stick, dip it into a clear nail varnish and pick up a clear gem and place in the middle of the diamond on the thumb.
14. Repeat on the other diamond.
15. Finally, apply a clear top coat and you're done! :)

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